Up, up and away

Hi Everybody,

We hope this email finds you all well and in good health as it leaves us in autumn Melbourne with the leaves falling and winter approaching. As you may all be aware it was a most horrific summer with weather conditions not seen for some years with temperatures hitting 46.6 c and high 40’s day after day. We are still feeling the effects of the drought with dam (drinking water) levels in Melbourne at 28% and still falling.

It has been a year we all may not forget in a hurry (2008/2009) and I am sure most of us feel a lot poorer (financial speaking) than we did a few years back but we hope it has been replaced with more strength and endurance to see better times ahead and you have all made new travel plans for the future. It was a real pleasure to see some of our travel friends make it to Melbourne in the six months we have been back, it was great to see you and be able to return some of your hospitality this is truly the best part of travelling to see you again. My operation went ok and the Hernia is fine and working well. We can only recommend our Travel Insurance Company not something you can usually say about that industry.

We return to the Isle of Man around 5th May to collect Victor (our Buggy) to have him shipped to Halifax Canada to head north to the tip of Alaska and then turn south. Thank you Dicko and Sara for helping with the shipping quote and 625 GPB to get us from London to Halifax was a great price and we owe you a curry soon.

We will always try and keep in touch with all our dear friends we have met along the way and not forgetting our old friends from previous travels, so please send an email and let us know how you are travelling or not, it will make our day.

As always it is hard to move off and leave home and love ones even with thought’s of new horizons and adventures it is never easy. Living in a tent on top of your car does sound like fun for a few days but it gets hard after a year or so and most real travellers look sick, worn out and not sure why they do it. I guess Elayne and I are not getting any younger but the thought of stopping just spurs us on and the therapy begins ….and we get younger… so we think!!??

We hope to see you down the road some day soon so we look forward to that point in time.

Our last trip which included 36 Countries and 65000klm has been a Humbling experience for us and we are continually enlightened by others on this Planet, we are truly thankful for this amazing experience.

All our love to you all

Hugs and kisses

Chris & Elayne…Victor who made the trip.

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