Robin Hood land

Hi All,

Hope this email finds you both well as it leaves us not far from Sherwood forest. We had a long flight door to door (Isle of Man) of 37hrs and we are not that eager to get on another plane any time soon. The buggy fired up first turn so all good there but the trimmer had made the new hood 85mm to small!! Not sure what it would have been like if we had not given him the original to copy from!! With a bit of re- engineering I was able to cut down the centre and add another piece of vinyl so not so bad in the end. No need to change the clutch as I found the master cylinder had amazingly started to introduce small amounts of air over along period of time which made the clutch slowly get spongy. Anyway no need to remove engine and the gearbox is performing better than ever, phew. We are still not sure which route we will be taking but as our passports have been sent off we can only wait and see what happens and when we get them back we will make some decision. In the meantime we also needed to update our International driving permit and renew our UK driving License, plus our passage de carnet the paperwork never ends. …..Africa or Canada??

We left our friends in the Isle of Man and it was sad to leave such a lovely place Jacky and Pat had looked after Victor for 7mths and really did help us start the next leg. Thanks very much Pat and Jacky for looking after us and Pats wonderful shed, without it an almost impossible task. Having to re-pack and repair the rear wheel bearing spacer thanks to Graham who with his 20 plus years of teaching woodwork and metalwork produced a magnificent polished spacer the correct size. Thanks Graham it was a real pleasure to make friends with you and your old Land Rover. Thanks also to Sue and Nick for a second wonderful invitation to a great evening meal and much discussion and laughter with Chris and Dave who had arrived back to the Island just in time to see them once again… we hope to see you all downunder one day soon… Good sailing with your new boat Nick. We are currently at base camp Sherwood Forest with Dicko and Sarah our amazing Hells Angel friends were almost anything is possible with Sarah organising skills as she organises some of the biggest motorbike gatherings in Europe…… sorry it is the biggest motorbike event in Europe…….. The Bulldog Bash….

Please all keep in touch we look forward to all your emails.

Love to all

Chris & Elayne xxx

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