North Africa – Libya

Hi Everyone,
Thanks again for keeping an eye on us it is very much appreciated our end. Just to say we had a great adventure in Libya and our visas worked!

Our only problem has been in Tunis, and yes, a one cent yellow plastic bag saved us!!!!!

We had to camp just outside Tunis Port as it was to late to start head off not wanting to drive at night. A very friendly man told us it would be the best to camp next to a Customs check point just outside the port as they will be working late into the night.

I opted for this option as it was raining and we managed to shelter under a metal roof so we stayed dry. I took some pictures late that evening threw my camera up to Elayne who put it with her stuff in the tent.

4am we are sound asleep when Elayne hears what she thinks is a rat eating some food in our waste plastic bag we tie to the car. No it was a guy in our tent, head and both arms, trying to grab any bags he could get! He had already gone through the cabin of Victor but there is nothing of any value we store in the car all is with us.

Yes that 1 cent plastic bag woke Elayne with me a millisecond behind jumping out off the tent half naked chasing the 17-18 year old hooded teenager. He was to fast for me plus I never had any shoes on and running over broken bricks and glass was not the best option. Elayne immediately calls out and says my camera is missing!!! Sh!t!! It was new in London and I was really upset… but only for a second as Elayne had actually put it on her side with her stuff not where I always store my camera! Instead she had put the 1 cent yellow plastic bag where I normally put my camera!

It is so strange as in nearly six years I have never stored my camera anywhere else.

Libya was truly amazing for us, the people were so friendly and by some strange event we happened to be at the same place as the first classic car run from Tripoli and they were just blown away with Victor and we were the stars of the whole event. Even to the point they paid for a plush hotel in Tripoli so we could all meet again in the following days.

Libya was a blast but politically it has 2 camps and we had to be careful how we approached the subject as some were and still pro Gaddafi.
The most amazing thing is every home you see in Libya has bullet holes in their walls they really shot at every building!

Anyway talk to you all next time!IMG_0515 IMG_0523 IMG_0712
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6 Responses to North Africa – Libya

  1. Roland and Franziska from Switzerland says:

    Hi Chris and Elaine

    Maybe you remember the Fondue in Marokko Chez Gaga. Are you going to Europe later. If yes i hope you will coming to us in Düdingen. (we have a lot of Schnapps to drink).

    Best regards and a lot of fun on your Trip

    Roland and Franziska

    • Elayne & Chris says:

      Yes….. I do not want to remember ….lol….my head still aches…lol….Thank you for your kind invite we will try and visit some time in the future. You are always welcome to visit our farm in Oz ….so I can get my own back…..with some good Australian hospitality….Thanks again Big Hugs Love Chris Elayne and Poor Old Victor

  2. Saleh from Dubai says:

    Hi Adam

    glad that you enjoyed Libia and the most important think that you are safe.

    whats you route will be? are you coming to Dubai?
    i wish you a safe & enjoyable trip

    keep posting your stories

    Saleh from Dubai, UAE

    • Elayne & Chris says:

      Hi Saleh,
      hope to see you if we can as we are currently in Dubai 21/4/2013 UAE having a wonderful time with some Australian’s currently working in UAE. You can always contact us on our new phone….yes this is the first new phone in 6 years on the road…+971 056 7962249
      Big Hugs
      Chris Elayne and Poor OLd Victor ”The worls furthest Travelled Homemade Car”

  3. Melanie says:

    Hi Guys,

    I met you at Henrys Beach Party in Mirdiff last weekend.

    You two are truly inspirational. What a great adventure you’ve had.

    Hope the next part of the journey is as fantastic as the rest.

    Safe Travels. Was a pleasure meeting you.

    Mel :-)

  4. khaja mohideen... moreh india broder says:

    Hi chris& elayne clash …hope u may remember me&shiva subramanim safe journey to myanamar

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