Onto Uyuni

24 July WP 593 S 21’ 31.037 W 068’ 00.371 altitudes 4673 mts. overnight temp -28c
Elayne cooks breakfast the eggs and tomatoes tasting so good after our freezing snacks. The sun had warmed our surroundings the wind easing to a breeze. Look Elayne calls out while I’m trying to find where the water went from our engine. Two Toyota’s a tour group in convoy heading towards us.
I can see their dust trails rising from the arid Plateau.
I find no problems with Victor it must be the Altitude causing the water to expand, the only conclusion I can draw hoping it is not the engines head gasket.
We are pretty grubby Elayne remarks have you looked at yourself in the mirror….No I reply…..Well you best smarten yourself up it looks as if those Toyota’s are heading our way.
A quick look in the side mirrors and we sure do look a bit rough, what with me just extracting myself from Victor’s internals. It’s always the way Breakfast is just being dished up and we have 12 tourist arriving. The Toyota’s arrive and the 13 tourist disembark camera’s clicking away as the Bolivian tour guide speaks to us in English…..Why did you camp so high in this place he asks? We lost the track last night. He nods and proceeds to tell us…. Very dangerous to travel here at night to dangerous to cold you freeze. My wonderful eggs and tomatoes are getting cold, Elayne shaking her head your timing Chris always amazes my.
The tourist all fascinated by Victor and our small camp. We pose for the Belgium’s, the Americans, and one guy from Uzbekistan, even the Bolivian tour guy’s want a photograph next to Victor.
At least we know what track to take as the Bolivian tour guides show us a few markers on our map….Many travellers cars break here one Bolivian tour guide explains very rough tracks many problems.
We say our goodbyes, the international tour group stuffs themselves back into those Toyota’s and rapidly they disappear over the horizon the dust the only feature left from their visit.
I finish my ice cold eggs and tomatoes, Elayne having a chuckle they were hot Chris really they were hot….

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3 Responses to Onto Uyuni

  1. Maria Lombard says:

    travelled across the plains 15 years ago….great to see the photos again….so wish we had digital camera then!!! would have taken so many more photos!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Chris and Elayne ,
    Made a Link to you guys on my Website, used some of your pictures for that, hope it is OK !?


    Love your Buggy, that would be the perfekt way to travel for me, but no way to get one in Germany. The german Tüv dont like if you build your car by sourself…

    Regards from Germany Chris

    • No problems,we are so glad you like our buggy Victor and the wonderful time
      we have travewrling in him.
      Thanks again for your appreciation
      Safe travels
      Chris Elayne and Victor still going after 4 1/2 years now in Swaziland Africa.

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