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  1. Arjan & Chantal says:

    Hi Elayne and Chris,

    How is Zimbabwe, or are you further already.
    We really liked it to hear al the ‘short’ stories at jollyboys camp, unfortunately we didn’t catch up the night after.
    We drove along the Waterfront and Grotty in the end we spend the night at Rapid 14. After 10 bad kilometres we discovered that this was a missionary’s camp, well friendly people do :-)
    Our email address is or
    Our site isn’t on air anymore, but if you send us an email we can send some funny pictures back.

    All the best,
    Arjan and Chantal

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Guy’s
    We really enjoyed that Cold beer along the Zambezi River we owe you one……. Hope we can catch again in the wonderful Netherlands on you great old Tjark ( not sure how you spell that…. its an old dutch boat) it looks great.
    Until we meet again safe travels,
    Chris Elayne and poor old Victor

  3. marius says:


    Heard you on the radio this morning, am currently in Windhoek if possible want to meet you.

    my phone is 0814449733

    or just reply on email.

    Kind regards

  4. Omar ELRIFAI says:

    Hi Chris,

    its omar, whom you met in Aus in Namibia, how is your trip? hope you are having a good time. I want to send you the video and photos I took of you, but don’t know how as the video’s size is too big so I cant send it by email . Take care

  5. elayne clash says:

    Hi Omar hope you are well, we are now in Germany and all went very
    well up the west coast of Africa, our email address is adventurebug
    hope to see you in Egypt
    regards Chris & Elayne

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