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  1. Le Roux van Schalkwyk says:

    Hi guys,
    Here is the link to the story I did, not sure if you’ve been able to see it.

    All the best for the rest of your travels

    Le Roux

  2. Mariana Moura says:

    I’m from Diário de Notícias, a portuguese newspaper.
    I’ve read about your history and i’m really interested in writing about you, if you don’t mind.
    How can i contact you?

    Thank you.
    Good homecoming!

    • Adam says:

      Hello Mariana,

      Sorry for the late reply but I have added a ‘contact us’ page if you wish to get in touch with myself and then I can put you in contact with Chris and Elayne. :)

      I am sure they would love you to write about them.



  3. Dave & Linda Massingham says:

    We met Chris and Elayne November 2009 in Anaheim California at McKenzies off-road shop. They stayed with us for a few days, helped them get the front end rebuilt at German Motor Works in Garden Grove. Linda did a little shopping with Elayne while Chris and I did some auto parts shopping for Victor. We are very glad to see them at home safe and sound, looking forward to reading about their journey. Friends for life!

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