The Crazy Truth about Us!

OK just a little bit about us and where we are coming from.  We are Chris and Elayne, UK born Australians who have a love afair with seeing the world and what it has to offer.

We have always been travelers and even before this epic voyage we have traveled with our two boys Adam and Tristan. That two year trip consisted of camping around the west cost of America down the Baja back up to the US along the southern states and up the east cost to NY. It didn’t stop there Europe was next and that included the mother country the United Kingdom followed by France, Italy, Greece also the trip back to the UK saw a visit to Switzerland and Germany.

This was done when our boys were just 12 and 14 year old and during this trip completed distance education which was tough at the best of times!

Now that our boys are all grown up and living there own lives we have decided to spend their inheritance and travel around the world visiting as many countries as possible. Given we, and when i say we I mean Chris, never likes to travel in the conventional way we have decided to build our own vehicle, Victor the buggy!

Now please read our blogs, even though some will be extraordinarily long, and hopefully enjoy reading about the trip as much as we have living it and hopefully continue to in the future.

Lots of Love,

Chris, Elayne and Victor(the buggy), AKA – The Crazy Travelers

Chris and Elayne posing on a beach

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  1. Domingo says:

    What you are doing is wonderful…Keep it up

    From Argentina with love

  2. Heya guys,

    At last a place where we can read up on your wicked adventures. Keep them coming. We are about to cross from Macapá into French Guiana in a few days. It’s raining like hell, and nothing shows for a break in the weather. Well, they call it the rainy season for that reason.

    Adventurous greetings,

    • Chris and Elayne says:

      I Guys love to hear from you and to know you made it F/G and I Guess by now you will be in Suriname, hope you catch up with Harold at Suriname motors give them all our love they are great people……
      Talk soon Travel safe from very hot sunny Cape Town LOL
      xoxoxooxoxo C & E

  3. Rupert says:

    See you when you get back you crazy pair!

    • Chris and Elayne says:

      Hi Guys like wise look who’s crazy !!! LOL

      Take care don’t work to hard ok love from C & E xoxoxoxoxox

  4. Dave Massingham says:

    Hi Chris & Elayne:
    Linda and I wanted to say hello, and wish you all the best.
    I read your last 45 page letter, almost eaten by a Puma…. Lost your camera… I could not beleive what I was reading! I hope you are able to fix the steering knuckel, to bad Greg at German Motor Works didn’t see that, they still talk about you two.
    We are truly impressed by how you two are doing, give Elayne a bug HUG and KISS for us, we think of you two often.

    Dave & Linda Massingham
    Whittier So. California
    Met you at McKenzies Offroad Store in Anaheim So. Ca.
    You spent a few nights parked in our driveway, what a pleasure it was.

    • Chris and Elayne says:

      Thanks Dave and Linda
      It was just great to stay with you both and its even better when we hear from you to know all is ok,

      Hope to see you again one day soon maybe in OZ xoxooxo C & E
      Say Hi to all at German Motor Works give them our love Cheers C & E xoxoxo

    • Hi Dave and Linda,
      what a pleasure to have met you both even when Dave only told you ( Linda) 3 minutes before we arrived, when you had found a couple of adventures in Mckenzies .
      THANKS so much for your help accomidation and great pictures of you racing the legendery off road race the Baja 1000 back in the days when things were really tough.
      Say hi to Greg it was such a great help with those torsion bars which lasted through the Amazon and beyond,
      We will always think of you all
      Chris Elayne and Victor

  5. jean michel says:

    Just reconnected with the rest of the world after 7 months out of our house without internet for building work reasons
    Now we are”posh camping” although posh is a bit optimistic, will be able to follow you again
    I have no idea where you are, a long way from the Isle of Man anyway, but will check of your progress
    a bientot

  6. Viamundi says:

    Just on this page today for the first time… Well done.
    Nice to see you cyber , but I’d rather sharing some time on the road with the real you. I have always been better listener than reader ;p
    You are going so slow now, I am not used to that!!!
    Good luck


    PS: I can see from here that administration and police is the slowing down factor (maybe more than rain seasons if you look at Anja and Holger!)

    • Thanks Vincent,
      we look forward to your wonderful travel blog FANTASTIC ….it was and always will be a lasting memory traveling with you and DD5 and your
      so well thought out Land Rover.
      Miss those fishing adventures hope you catch a bigger fish than last time when you nearly broke my rod ….what a buzz when we re-play that video clip
      and see your face …… will send it one day soon
      All our Love
      safe travels
      Chris Elayne and Victor

  7. kevin says:

    Hey there guys,

    It was such a treat meeting you and chatting outside the shopping centre last week. (I;m the dude from Durban with family in Zambia..!!) Trust that your stay in CT is fruitful and provides the type of rest (??) that travelers so often need from traveling when traveling…(travelers understand..!) Will keep tabs on your journey and possibly meet again when traveling through Durban..!!

    Regards and safe travel prayer wishes

    Kevin Hauser

    Landline: +27 31 916 2252
    Fax: +27 865642395
    Mobile: +27 82 461 2973

  8. Sopon says:

    Helo i met you at Bull eye Kajiado Kenya i liked your mission of traveling for the sake of the child.Kudos.

  9. peter agaba says:

    I met you in uganda ,queen elizabeth national park in bush lodge,you have GREAT adeas.Continue you will be asucceful man in the world.

  10. Gerda Scholey - Mma Africa Bistro & Coffee Lounge - Francistown Botswana says:

    This is the most amazing two people I have ever met! Chris and Elayne, thank you having that cuppa with us! Wish I could have joined you. Hope your travels reaches new heights, adventures and your passion reaches to the hearts of everyone that paths you cross. From the staff and me…… enjoy the muffins and snacks. Keep in contact. Love and best wishes Gerda

  11. Gerda Scholey - Mma Africa Bistro & Coffee Lounge - Francistown Botswana says:

    The most two amazing people I have met this morning. Hope you enjoyed the cuppa. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. May your travels be filled with many more amazing people and places and that your passion for your cause touch the hearts of others. We will surely keep in contact. Enjoy the snacks….with love from Gerda and the staff at Mma Africa, Francistown, Botswana

  12. Thamsanqa nare says:

    Hey guys how you doin as for me i saw you in zimbabwe,c & e i was suprissed when i saw the bug for the first time,guys what you are doin its wonderfull keep it up.

  13. Hey Chris

    It was chatting with you at the Botswana-Zimbabwe border. I am the dude who wants to do an interview with you and your wife. It is good to know that there still some people who have a heart for others and they sacrifice all that they have just to save other people. God bless you guys and enjoy your world travel.

  14. Pippa Jenkin says:

    You guys are sooooooooo cool!!!

    • Who allowed you on our website …….lol
      Thanks pippa for looking after us you and Steve plus the doggies are wonderful
      thanks soooooomuch will look forward in catching up soon
      Chris Elayne and poor old Victor

  15. Thanks to all of you who have made a comment, and yes we are now heading back to Swaziland as poor old Victor could do with a few repairs, plus the two of us need some rest too before heading off again and doing the west of Africa, hope to catch up with all our new friends in South Africa on the way to the west coast next year.
    Love and miss you all xoxoxooxox C & E xoxoxo

  16. michael msibi says:

    hey chris i’m michael from swaziland and i met u guys at the mahamba border where we had a nice chat. In our conversation you mentioned that u also help developing countries in any possible ways so i wanted know if you guys can try to find scholarships in your country to aid my people because swaziland is facing economic chrisis. I would be happy to get a reply from you guys. u can send me an e-mail @

  17. Trevor Collins says:

    Hi Chris & Elayne,

    I hope your trip through Africa is going well. Pauline & I had a great time listening to all your stories on the banks of the Olifants.
    I wish both well, and I suspect that our paths will meet again sometime in the future, in the UK or Oz.
    (p.s. yes I know that you have made up your minds, but you really should get some proper malaria treatment)

  18. Hi Trevor,
    thanks for the advice all is going well after 16,000 k’s along the East coast of Africa.
    Touch wood we are both well just feeling the old age but loving every moment.
    Really no problems car feeling the African track onslaught as we battle off road across Northern Kenya across Mt Elgon into Northern Uganda.
    Keep intouch when you can the South African hospitality was just the best

    • Trevor Collins says:

      Hi Chris & Elayne,
      Glad to hear things are still on track.
      btw in case you don’t remember , we were the Irish couple staying at the river boat place at Phalaborwa
      Take care

      • Elayne says:

        Hi Guys, Just to let you know we are back in OZ after 6 1/2 years and 129 countries, over 300,000klms any time you are in Melbourne please let us know as you are more then welcome to come and stay with us, email us on :
        Oh and we stayed on our Demal 200 all the way and were with people who had Malaria, and we traveled all up the west coast of Africa and across the north of Africa and no problems, for us it was good would use it again for sure…. take care hope to see you again one day soon.

  19. Dave & Linda Massingham says:

    Hi Chris & Elayne:
    How did the stay at John’s house end up? How did the dog do?
    Where are you now?
    Thinking of you both.

    Dave & Linda Massingham

    • Elayne & Chris says:

      Hi Guys great to hear from you, sorry we do not go on here to often,we are now in Namibia and having a great time and staying with some lovely people, who have given us so much help in getting our Congo and DRC visa’s, it is such a blessing to have someone in a place where you know no one, hope you are all well and John’s dog came through very well she was a very brave dog and with only 3 legs now we all feel she is faster then ever… LOL
      WE are on our way next week to Angola and then up the west coast of Africa we go.
      Thanks for Keeping in touch love and hugs from us both xoxoxoo

  20. Pam says:

    Hi Chris and Elayne!
    It was really awesome to meet you two! Love the stories, love the jokes, love the advise (thanks Chris!) and love the cooking (thanks Elayne!)…
    Your positive outlook, your generosity and your zest for life are truly inspirational and I can only hope that one day I will be a quarter of the person each of you are!
    Drive safe and have an excellent journey furthermore!
    Hope you will come visit Namibia again some day and remember…. if you are ever in the mood for vegetables… slaughter a pig! 😀

  21. Martin says:

    Hi Chris and Elayne, would you mind if we added your website / rss feed to ?

    Martin & Nicole

    • Elayne & Chris says:

      Hi Guys sorry for the delay but for sure put our website on overlandsphere
      hope all is well with you both, we are now in France, and hope to make our way to Egypt in Oct making tracks home now.

  22. Aaron Beaston-Blaakman says:

    Dear Chris and Elayne,

    Thanks for your wonderful introduction at the Hippocampe in Brazzaville yesterday. I greatly appreciated your stories. Looking forward to receiving you sometime in Lao PDR or elsewhere.

    Will forward my contact details by email.

    All the best with your African tour and beyond.

    Aaron Beaston-Blaakman

  23. Barry & Marg Tarrant says:

    It was wonderfrul meeting you at Ivory Lodge Hwangi 24/9/11,and then in shopping centre at Victoria Falls. Phone John F at 774 on return,producer was very interested but would not put through to John. John replied by email later, that he was watching your progress on the internet. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting and hearing your tales, and now sharing your story with our fellow travellers. Happy travelling adventures.

    • Elayne & Chris says:

      Hi Guys great to meet you too, and hope to see you again in OZ, having a small R&R for 4 months in the South of France now having got up the west coast of Africa OK, seeing and meeting so many wonderful people, who gave us so much
      encouragement to carry on, now with 108 countries under Victors wheels and about 20 + or – more to do, should see us home by the end of next year ??
      Take care Regards Chris & Elayne

  24. Waclaw Górniak says:

    I had the good fortune to be in the right place and time, so I could meet such amazing people like you. I too have a spirit of adventure, but it is not enough, we need more money. I admire you. I hope you do not get lost somewhere at the end of World and return home safely, but what next? Greet you warmly, send me a postcard from some interesting places. My address is: Waclaw Gorniak, Snigurskiego 4/6, 37700 Przemysl, Poland. I wish you luck.

    • Elayne & Chris says:

      Hi it was so nice to meet you too, we will try and send you a post card when we can, but we just loved Poland and the people and hope to go back there again one day. love to you and your family bye for now C&E xxxxx

  25. We stopped for a break on our way to Kiev near the lake and suddenly saw an incredible unique handmade car of Chris and Elayne. And it was like a bonus of the our whole trip.
    We were so lucky to communicate with you and discover new interesting things. Thank you for your energy and fresh ideas, that are obvious but hidden from our blinkered view of things.
    You were so open minded and bright that we unwittingly took a small part of your energy and wisdom, that inseparably linked with the nature around us. And i think it is very important point of your trip – to light up people you meet, to plant seeds of organic and peaceful way of life in people’s heads.
    I’m sure you have passed Ukraine without any problems. Wish you to have your trip further and meet only nice people. Hope you easily managed to reach Australia and to collect money to help the children.

    I will send some fotos of you to your email.

  26. Rod & Clare Smith says:

    Great meeting you & Victor in Blajan. We are with you in spirit & wish you continued success in overcoming all the obstacles Fate chucks your way.
    Bonne route!
    Rod & Clare

  27. Elayne & Chris says:

    Thanks Rod and Clare,
    It was great to meet you both and share your enthusiasm about our adventure, thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words. We hope all is well for your future adventures so please keep us up to date.
    Hugs and kisses
    Chris Elayne and poor old Victor
    Ps Its always great to meet Land Rover owners from around the world.

  28. David, Nic, Fabrizio and Kurt (KTM Boys!) says:

    Finally cleared Tunisian ferry customs with the bikes and had a great time in the desert. We only destroyed one of the four bikes in the dunes so a good trip ! Now home in (Rainy) Manchester England and still finding sand everywhere. Was great chatting to you guys and finding out more about your cool trip. Very inspiring ! Have a great time in Africa with Victor.

    • Elayne Clash says:

      Hi Guys good to meet you too, and great to know you got back safe and sound + sand I am sure you will keep on finding it for months to come LOL we are fine and now in Oman, after a 4 day trip on a Dhow with 450 cows from Somaliland to Oman, that’s a story in its self, take care keep in touch and remember you have a place in OZ when you come. cheers Chris and Elayne

  29. Phill Wiles says:

    Hi both,
    Nice to meet you at Bruno’s on new years eve, wanted to follow your trip but seems no info on this site, maybe you haven’t set off yet.


    • Elayne Clash says:

      Hi Guys good to meet you too, you will not find too much up to date info about our trip here, but email us and we can keep in touch that way, look forward to seeing you in OZ one day, take care love from Chris & Elayne

  30. Barbara Clarke says:

    It was wonderful to meet you here in Luxor and thank you so much for helping us promote this wonderful city. Here is the link to your video for you to watch. Hope your journey is still going well. x

  31. dave davis says:

    quick note from Dave Davis (ex UK Cop) United Nations worker in Hargeisa, Somaliland (Somalia)……bumped into our well traveled friends when the buggy appeared outside our hotel…..what a fantastic story of travel and adventure…all the best to your trip back towards Oz…take care and enjoy

    • Elayne Clash says:

      Hi Thanks for the drinks, we will make it wine next time LOL see you in OZ any time you need a place to stay in Melbourne,we made it to Oman on a Dhow with 450 cows on board that is a story by its self LOL keep safe cheers Chris & Elayne

  32. Abdirashid Mohammed says:

    Hi Chris and Elayne,

    I met you in Berbera, Somaliland and I had great conversation about your adventure and the challenge of keeping your vehicle going across the globe for six years in the harshest environments. You are absolutely amazing. Hope you have a great time in Berbera and good luck with the rest of your adventure.

    Abdirashid Mohammed
    Hargeisa, Somaliland

    • Elayne Clash says:

      It was good to meet you too, and our stay in Berbera was great,we made it to Oman on a Dhow with 450 cows on board that is a story by its self LOL
      see you in OZ any time you need a place to stay in Melbourne, keep safe cheers Chris & Elayne

  33. shihab says:

    i met you in oman ihope you have a great time in oman

  34. Tony says:

    great to meet you – I hope you arrive in the Indian Sub-Cont safe; in which ever part

  35. Nicci says:

    Hi, thanks for the great chat in Muscat (Adam – they say they´re shipping from Dubai now btw). Was great to meet you and hopefully we´ll cross paths somewhere in the future still :)

    Love Chris & Nicci (The Aussie/Saffa marriage)

  36. Andria & Hugh Thompson says:

    OMG I can’t believe after years of looking we have found you. You and the boys stayed with us in Cyprus. We lived partway up Troudos mountains. Don’t know if you remember. We tried to contact you through addresses and number you gave us when we got back to UK, but no success. Have always hoped one day we would. Please let us know what the boys are up to now too.
    Take care
    Andria and Hugh,

  37. Andria & Hugh Thompson says:

    Sorry Chris and Elayne I should have said we met in Cyprus in 1996 – 1997.
    Andria T

  38. Elayne & Chris says:

    Hi Guys yes you have found us and yes we remember you both very well, how are you,let us have your email address then we can write more

    Cheers Chris & Elayne xxxx

    • Andria and Hugh Thompson says:

      Hi Chris and Elayne, that is Fantastic. So lovely to have found you at last. Our email address is
      Sooooo looking forward to hearing from you. Please take care. And let us know if you are coming to England. It would be lovely to meet up.
      Andria and Hugh

  39. Dan Ford says:

    Hello Chris & Elayne
    Amazing to see you guys are still travelling! I fondly remember back in 2008 at the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania and seeing with surprise Victor with the Dingo camper atop and the Vic number plates! And then getting a lift back to the main road on the running board! Great to read about some of your more recent travels!
    Dan from Australia

    • Elayne Clash says:

      Hi Dan our pleasure to have given you a lift back to the mail road, where are you now?? we are now back home in Melbourne Australia, Chris is off doing a sailing trip for a few weeks but should be home soon, safe travels
      Cheers Chris & Elayne

  40. Aaron lim says:

    Hi Chris, Elayne and Victor, I am Aaron Lim that met you at Johor Bahru, Malaysia while you are searching for diesel for Victor. Where is your current location now? Indonesia? Do take care and have a pleasant and safe trip. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Cheers… Aaron Lim

    • Elayne Clash says:

      Hi Aaron it was good to meet you, and we are now back home in Melbourne, Indonesia was great but its good to home again, Chris is off on a sailing trip right now but will be home soon, hope you are well this is our email address so you can email us anytime :
      Cheers Chris & Elayne

  41. Kumar and Marjorie says:

    Hello Chris & Elayne,

    How are you guys doing? we are kumar and Marjorie …it is pleasure to met you guys in Singapore, East cost beach car park at night with my frens. Have a safe trip in Asia. Looking forward to hear your new updates.

    • Elayne Clash says:

      Hi Guys it was great to meet you all too, we are now back home in Melbourne now and trying hard to get used to not having to plan where we are going to head off to each day LOL but its good to be home and to see our sons again and family and friends, remember if you ever come to Melbourne there is always a place here for you to stay…….
      Cheers Chris & Elayne

  42. christopher karolien heleen and lieven says:

    Hey you three, I just red and understand you are at home. This is almost three years after we met in Sucre.
    I m so glad you are well.
    It is a pitty that we will not have any stories to read.

    Best wiches for the tree off you and hope we once will meet again.


    • Elayne Clash says:

      Hi Guys thanks for your wishes and yes we are home now and after 61/2 years and 128 countries and over 350,000klm it was time to take a break…….do send us an email at: and please know you are always welcome to our home anytime, look forward to hearing from you again, and there will always be stories as Chris is planning our next adventure……….LOL
      take care love from Chris & Elayne and poor old Victor

  43. Dina Serto says:

    Dear Chris and Elayne,
    Happy New Year.Its so nice to know you reached home finally.Do you remember the group you met at Moreh India . We wish you all the best.How was your trip across Myanmar.What about your fellow travellers?

    • Elayne says:

      Hi Guys thanks for your wishes and yes we are home now and after 61/2 years and 128 countries and over 350,000klm it was time to take a break…….do send us an email at: and please know you are always welcome to our home anytime, look forward to hearing from you again, Please give our love to all at Moreh, and Myanmar was just great and we all loved our trip through there, we miss all our new friends in Moreh, take care bye for now love and hugs from Chris & Elayne xoxoxoxoxo

      Chris & Elayne and poor old Victor

  44. chris haralambous says:

    Hi Chris & Elaine,did you get my reply email?
    It might be in trash.
    Regards C&M

  45. Esteban says:

    Il avait été un des deux plaisirs de les connaître il y `a plus de 15 ans et plus moi se seul de les remercierai pour votre inspiration. Quand j’ai vue Víctor j’étais un enfant et je me disais dans la tête “hey cette voiture est trop cool” salut à vous les deux Chris & Elayne.

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