Border to Peru (and the infamous sheep skin)

31 May WP 557 S 11’06.093 W 069’ 33.717

We leave the border post and drive off as quickly as we could it was getting late and soon there would be no light to find a pull off away from the road. We never like to camp too close to a border but in this case we had only covered 20klms and all looked very isolated with few houses or villages.
I pulled onto a track which looked like an old logging camp trail deep red saw dust was everywhere, and it was not long before we entered a clearing with lots of tree trunks and piles of discarded timber huge logs lying all over the place.
Nobody was around just the sound of brilliantly coloured Parrot’s squawking around us high in the surrounding trees.
It was cool and No mosquitoes and no people around just what sounds like a barking dog way in the distance as the sun was setting. Bananas and bread was all Elayne could muster with 3 cups of tee it had been a long day and we nearly never made it to Peru due to our 24 year old sheep skin covers!!!!
The evening was cool as we sat on some old logs our bare feet deep in red saw dust.
Just as we were about to head into the tent still just light 6 pairs of Scarlet McCaw’s flew over head it was a great sight just before dark ,but all night there where wonderful sounds of birds and  Howler monkey’s close by.

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