Canadian News!

My mum and dad made the Canadian news!

They also said they will be on CTV Canada tomorrow morning… its like a morning TV show.

Hi everyone,

Given that my parents are having a tough time emailing anyone, including myself, I have decided to hack my parents email account and send everyone an update on where they are and what they are doing!  :)

If you haven’t guessed already its Adam emailing… for those on the list that don’t know me I am Chris and Elayne’s eldest son. 😀

My parents are currently somewhere in Canada – I believe I can narrow it down to somewhere in Ontario in a place called Timmins…? They seem to be fine and to quote mum “it’s been raining off and on for the last 3 days plus heaps of flies and biting things” so looks like they are enjoying themselves! I am not sure on where they will go from here but if I get any information I will email again. They so need like a blog or something! 😛

In addition to this information, here is a collection of various news articles that mum and dad have been in that I thought ppl might want to read and/or watch!

Here is the YouTube video of my parents on Canadian TV:  and the news paper article of that interview: 

Also if you are interested here is an article (and photos) that some people, whom my parents stayed with, wrote on their website:     

Hope you all enjoy,

Adam Clash

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