Blocked at Egypt – Israel it is

Hi all, glad you are ok I was hoping to come back in Feb but looks like that is not the case now never mind??

We are now in Israel now not Egypt as they would not let us take the car in as we do not have a carnet! So we are now in Jerusalem for my birthday and it’s a great place. Israel has so much history, we are going to try and get a ferry from Haifa and make our way to Jean-Marie in France and will stay with them for some time well. We will fix up the buggy and travel until next Sept then get the buggy back to OZ. The buggy is still loved by all and here in Israel as they have off road buggies and one chap came up to dad and said “Oh boy I make these but we cannot put them on the road!”. Well dad just did his stuff and talked his way through it all. If you know what I mean!

Sorry about change of plans I did want to come back in Feb but as dad says why then when we are both coming back in Sept/Oct?? Well take care for now, will email soon ok

Chris, Elayne and Victor xo

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