Pamir Pass

Mini update to all,

We have made it round the Pamir pass and oh boy what sights we saw, and how bloody cold it was at 4500 metres we camped at 3600m and I was bad with my breathing not good at all plus 3 of the others felt bad too, so we got down ASAP! No snow just -25 degrees at night, so I am pleased we did it but glad we are down now. Today is Friday and we are in a place called Dushanbe and we have just got our Iran Visa and getting our Turkmenistan one on Monday and we should be heading off on Tuesday for Uzbekistan.

The people in Tajikistan have been very nice and we even have a home to go and stay at in Iran meet this lady in the embassy and she want us to go and stay with her and her family her husband is in Oil!!

Well will talk soon as I have to do a few more emails,

Talk soon,

Chris and Elayne xoxoxoxox

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