Amazing trip in Libya

It is hard to believe how Elayne and I have been so looked after, meeting the right people just at that critical point in time, when you are just about to give up, an amazing person appears helping you without any questions, without any thought for themselves, just wanting to help us any way possible……it blows us away every time…but this is life on the road, those unexpected treasures popping up when you never expect them and Libya had more than enough unexpected treasures.

Libyan border control

Victor and his new green Libyan number plates.

Our first night in Libya 30 klms from the border.

Thanks to the Libyan police for finding us our very very cheap diesel 15cents a ltr…..great.

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North Africa – Libya

Hi Everyone,
Thanks again for keeping an eye on us it is very much appreciated our end. Just to say we had a great adventure in Libya and our visas worked!

Our only problem has been in Tunis, and yes, a one cent yellow plastic bag saved us!!!!!

We had to camp just outside Tunis Port as it was to late to start head off not wanting to drive at night. A very friendly man told us it would be the best to camp next to a Customs check point just outside the port as they will be working late into the night. Continue reading

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Blajan to Genova to Tunisia…

‘’Eye of Libya’’ 29 Selworthy House, London, sw113ng 
Victor was waiting fully packed and ready to go, but our Libyan visas had still not arrived after 3 weeks of waiting patiently at our computer. The Eye of Libya tour company London had promised our visas would arrive before the New Year…but that was a little optimistic as we had started the visa process 19th December, 2012 and we knew it would take a 3 weeks at the very least. 
Checking every day had become a ritual computer on, then breakfast….I could hear Elayne reply….no…Nothing yet Chris, Elayne calls out from the breakfast table, as I tried to get a few more winks in bed.
Our Libyan business visas arrive at last….well done ‘’Eye of Libya’’
That all important email finally came through our 2 business visas had been granted the ‘’Eye of Libya’’ tour company had come through and they will courier our passports back to Blajan, at last our Libyan visas had been collected from the Libyan Embassy in London…..Great news Elayne and I rejoicing that it had worked and 2 business visas were nearly in our hands…It seems  I was the only person happy about getting our Libyan visas, as most of our friends were a little concerned with all the news reports coming from the TV and press……are you really sure you want to go to Libya …our friends would say….you will be shot within the week, poor Elayne will never see her children again…….Those words ringing in my head it was getting tough as now the timing of our departure was imminent and bad news could close the borders….in shala…in shala. And if …and if…and what if….I thought…..I could not sleep for thinking about the worst scenario, around and around in my head what if something happens to Elayne ….our sons would never forgive me.
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Headding south, we leave Blajan.

Like birds it is time to go to leave this tranquil sleepy village Blajan. The weathered crumbling buildings are everywhere their past glory reflecting better times long ago, I stand and watch closed shops and small bars they dot the landscape village after village. Some even look abandon rows of homes empty shutters closed families gone, never to return I think, but what do I know.
Church bells ringing I can see slate steeples on every hill-top Church after Church in every direction, the popular trees bare, the seasons are changing the bright vivid greens that covered the small winding roads hiding those huge red tiled barns, those warm long summer days have grown short.  I could not help thinking about those poor African cows we have seen running through thorny bare rocky ground the dust bellowing from their hove’s skin and bone trying to eat 4’’ prickly thorns, a far cry from these huge French cows which eat that lush French green grass the constant smell of organic decay nourishing the earth, those French cows lick their lips their long black tongues constantly rotating around their mouths munching and munching day and night…..they are in heaven I thought they are really in heaven….those poor African cows they would never believe this. Continue reading
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